Saturday, April 2, 2016

New Beginnings

A lot of changes are happening in Little Turtle and Mama Moon's world. Just when I thought we were Groundhog Day'ing it yet again and I took a little hiatus from blogging, the Universe decided to uproot us, and I mean that literally.

After over three years in treatment center #4 for Little Turtle, a series of events over about a two-week period of time has culminated with Little Turtle needing a new placement or being forced to come home, which is something she is nowhere near ready for. Neither am I.

At first, I tried to fight it, but like with so many things on this journey, fighting against the current is often futile, and instead, I needed to lean into it, which meant leaning into change. Again. I'm still over here scrunching up my face and stomping my feet because I don't wanna, don't wanna, don't wanna. Do.this.all.over.again. And by that I mean, CHANGE...

Treatment teams...

Treatment centers...



Little Turtle has thankfully been approved to ONE treatment center that is far, far away after everyone else near and far would not admit her due to her level of aggression. I've been working on this at the same time our state's Medicaid system has been transitioning to new MCO's. Can you imagine the degree of fun that has added to the mix?!?! Honestly, though, her new case managers have been rockstars (they also happen to be her old case managers because cough, cough, I may have engaged in some stalking of sorts - all in a legal, never underestimate the power of this trauma mama to do what's right by her kid kind of way).

The move may be happening as early as next week. We are awaiting final insurance approval and trying to work out travel arrangements. Last night, Little Turtle told me that I'd better be ready to carry her out of there because she's not going to a new place without a fight.

Here's to hoping for secure transport and safety for all.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Trauma-Sensitive Schools (TSS) Blog

I have a new blog - as an author! It doesn't replace this one; it's just its own "gig" so to speak.

Please check it out if you'd like. Consider becoming a follower, sign-up in your reader or do whatever it is you do.  Also, be on the look out for some upcoming prizes and other exciting stuff over there. I'd love to see you comment and join the discussion!

And remember, "Couldn't Make It Up if I Tried" will continue. I am adding passion, not taking any away. Specifically, I'm growing in my commitment to help create trauma-sensitive schools across the nation!

Let's do this!